Vernon, British Columbia


Birdie Lake, at Predator Ridge

photo by Harold Sellers

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NONC Outreach Activities

Over the decades, the North  Okanagan Naturalist’s Club has been instrumental in the establishment and maintenance of natural spaces in the area, as well as sharing knowledge about everything natural with the local community.

          The establishment of natural jewels like Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park and the Swan Lake Nature Reserve was made possible in part thanks to the relentless efforts and dedication of several of the members of the NONC.

          Ever since the establishment of the Ecological Reserves in BC, which started in the early 1970’s, several NONC members have been volunteering as wardens for the nearby Ecological Reserves. They are the eyes and ears on the ground, reporting to the Ministry of Environment.

           The James Grant Memorial Fund receives donations for the purpose of acquiring lands at risk such as wetlands, grasslands, etc. The Fund is also used for educational purposes including the annual BC Entomological Award for best paper from a Masters Student. NONC provides an annual award of $500.00 to the society.

          Upon request from school teachers and educators from Immigration Services, several of our NONC members conduct nature classes, bringing the younger generation face to face with all things natural, or showing the new immigrants the fauna and flora of their new country.

          For the past several years, the NONC has been a staunch supporter and contributor towards the study and conservation of the rattlesnake populations in our area.

If any of these activities interest you, contact NONC.

NONC members participate in a number of events and activities throughout the year. Here are a few of them:

Christmas Bird Count for the North Okanagan, held the Sunday before Christmas

Contact Don Cecile, Coordinator, dcecile at shaw dot ca

CLICK HERE for an Excel spreadsheet documenting 73 years (1950-2022) of Christmas Bird Count results for the Vernon area.

Swan & Eagle Count, North Okanagan, held in early January. Past years' results HERE.

Contact Rod Drennan & Norbert Maertens

Great Canadian Birdathon, held in May

Contact Harold Sellers

Great Backyard Bird Count, held in February

Google for details

Swan Lake Nature Reserve Park, stewardship and restoration projects

Contact the club

Contact any coordinator by e-mailing

Participants are always welcome