Eagle numbers up

Eagle numbers up
Kate Bouey - Jan 24, 2017

The number Golden eagles spotted in the North Okanagan this month is higher than it has been in years, says one expert.

The annual swan and eagle count took place on Jan. 15, with 31 human participants on seven routes spotting a total of 160 swans and 192 eagles, reports Aaron Deans, coordinator and executive director of the Allan Brooks Nature Reserve.

"All four focal species were seen, which was a first in many years," says Deans. "Also unusual was observing as many Golden eagles, with three routes tallying one or more individuals each.

"A total of eight were seen, which is more than recorded during any other year over the past decade."

Breaking down the numbers the teams report seeing:

1 Tundra swan
159 Trumpeters (143 adults and 16 cygnets)
8 Golden eagles
184 Bald eagles (139 adults and 45 immature)

Deans says many of the swans were spotted in two locations along the Shuswap River, near the south end of Mabel Lake and on the river south of Rosemond and Mara lakes.