Nest a real 'chick magnet'

Nest a real 'chick magnet'
Josh Winquist - Apr 13, 2018

Don't wait too long to swoop in, this new, move-in-ready dwelling in the North Okanagan won't be empty for long.

A brand new, spacious aerie has just become available on the east side of Swan Lake.

Being billed as a real chick magnet, this nest offers a 360-degree birdseye view of Swan Lake and the surrounding area.

The developers hope to attract a pair willing to make this perch their home.

On April 6, a new osprey nesting platform and pole was erected. A similar structure collapsed due to age and wood rot in the last year.

The replacement structure was designed to look like a nest, with wood branches secured on top of the platform to attract osprey.

Ospreys are one of a wide range of waterfowl and other birds who make the Swan Lake foreshore their home.

The new nest was made possible with efforts from North Okanagan Naturalists' Club, Aerial Contractors who provided the specialized equipment and a crew to carry out this work, and the property owner who allowed the nest to be set up.