It's for the birds

It's for the birds
Castanet - Dec 13, 2015

Those fine, feathered friends who stay in the North Okanagan are about to be counted.

The North Okanagan Naturalists’ Club is holding a Vernon area bird count Dec. 20.

Interested birders, new and experienced, are invited to take part.

The annual Christmas bird count started across North America in 1900.

The count focuses on the winter bird population, different from summer, as many birds leave our area for warmer climes and other species arrive from the far north.

Information collected by thousands of volunteers is used by biologists to assess population trends and distribution of birds.

The results of all counts are submitted to Bird Studies Canada and collated for all of North America.

Each Christmas bird count is completed within a previously established 24-kilometre radius on a single day.

Those planning to join in the Vernon-area count are urged to take binoculars or a camera and to contact co-ordinator Peter Blokker by email at or telephone 250-545-8297 to be matched with a group of experienced naturalists.

For those who decide to stay home, the bird group urges you to observe and count the birds at your feeder and send in the information.